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Friday, February 4, 2011

support for GLASS 4 KIDS goes GLOBAL

 Nady &  BERLIN GLASS .org  hot-shop supports GLASS 4 KIDS ...

GLOBAL GLASS 4 KIDS within 72 hours .. thanks Nady ....

GLASS 4 KIDS is incredibly honored too have your support ....
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.. thanks friends ..
Founded in August 2009, Berlin Glas, e.V. is a not-for-profit association that aims to give international professional artists and students the opportunity to work with hot glass in Berlin.
In Germany, those interested in working with glass can only do so at a very limited number of schools or rent space in factories. Berlin Glass, e.V. plans to offer a dynamic and modernized studio to a wide range of artists, students and eventually the general public at an affordable price. As Berlin is becoming the centre for a contemporary art, a hot glass studio will provide an exchange between artists working with glass and the abundance of talents that are already in practice in the city.

Berlin Glas, e.V. is:

Nadania Idriss
 (founder & director / grant writing)
*  Ryan Marsh Fairweather
 (gaffer & special projects Canada)
*  Phillip Bandura
 (gaffer & special projects Canada)
*  Tim Belliveau
(gaffer & special projects Canada)
*  Hans-Martin Lorch
*  Miriam Kühn
(fundraising / grant writing)
*  Youssef Khoury
*  Scott Chaseling
(artistic director)
*  Jeff Ballard 
*  Jay Macdonell 

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